The Common Coleman 550 UTV Problems (With Fixes)

Have you ever been out and about, enjoying a day of off-roading with the Coleman 550 UTV? It’s a great vehicle for those who like to take things off the beaten path! However, it isn’t without its problems.

These are the latest generation of off-road vehicles, designed to meet the needs of extreme adventurers. With power, style, and performance, the vehicle provides the ultimate thrill ride.

But undesirably Coleman 550 UTV has problems ranging from electrical to engine. The most common problems which are seen in this vehicle involve engine and clutch issues, overheating, fuel injector issues to gear problems.


The Problems And Fixes of  Coleman 550 UTV :

If you’re looking for a reliable, powerful, and tough workhorse to help you tackle your toughest jobs, then the Coleman 550 UTV is a great pick. Boasting a liquid-cooled engine, powerful transmission, and a rugged design, this UTV is the perfect machine for getting the job done.

However, even the most reliable machines can experience problems from time to time, and Coleman 550 UTVs are no exception. Let’s look at these problems.

1. Engine Sputtering And Stalling Problem

Many UTV owners are experiencing this problem, and there are two potential causes that you should be aware of.

The first is a seat belt safety feature built into the Coleman 550 UTV. This feature won’t allow the UTV to speed up beyond 10KPH unless the driver has fastened his or her seatbelt. This is a great safety feature, but it can also cause the engine to sputter and stall if the seatbelt isn’t buckled.

In addition, another cause of engine sputtering and stalling in the Coleman 550 UTV is a gummed-up throttle body. The accumulation of dirt and sludge in the throttle body can adversely affect engine performance and routinely cause idle problems.

The Fix:

Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions that can help get your UTV running again.

The seatbelt issue is easy to resolve. You can purchase a blank seat belt that fits into the seat belt at all times and satisfies the sensor so that you don’t have to wear your seatbelt when starting the engine. However, it is still highly recommended to always wear your seatbelt for your safety.

The throttle body can be cleaned with a spray cleaner, but it’s important to do a thorough job to ensure that all debris is removed. This can take some time, but by doing this, you’ll be able to maximize the performance and life of your vehicle.

It’s also a good idea to check the vacuum hoses and spark plugs to make sure they aren’t blocked or faulty. If they are, they’ll need to be replaced to ensure your engine remains at peak performance.


2. Bad Fuel Injector Problem

Your Coleman 550 UTV can have several problems if the fuel injector is not functioning properly. The inability to idle correctly is one of the most common problems. A malfunctioning fuel injector can result in your Coleman 550 UTV’s engine not being able to idle properly. As a result, your vehicle may run rough and jerk when you are driving.

Another issue that can be caused by a faulty fuel injector is hard starting. It can be difficult to start your Coleman 550 UTV if the fuel injector is not providing the engine with enough fuel. It can be especially frustrating when you are trying to start your UTV because it can cause the engine to not catch, resulting in a lot of frustration.

A faulty fuel injector can lead to a loss of engine power. If the fuel injector is not providing the proper amount of fuel to the engine, it can lead to your Coleman 550 UTV not being able to obtain the power that it needs. This can lead to the engine running slower than it should, and it can lead to a loss of speed when you are trying to use your UTV.

The Fix:

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you’re using high-quality fuel. Low-quality fuel can cause dirt and debris to build up in your fuel injector, which can lead to clogging and poor performance. It’s important to only use the best-quality fuel that is available in your area.

Once you have the right fuel in your Coleman 550 UTV, you should inspect the fuel injector itself. Look for any signs of corrosion, dirt, or debris. If you do see any of these signs, it’s time to replace the fuel injector. You should also check the fuel filter, which filters out any debris that might be entering the fuel injector. If the fuel filter is clogged, it will also need to be replaced.


3. Engine not starting Problem

While there are several potential causes, there are three main issues that tend to be the culprit: battery, valves, and spark plugs.

Let’s start with the battery. A battery that is draining quickly can be due to it supporting additional electronic accessories. An easy way to check the battery is to use a multimeter. If the battery reads below 12 volts, it may need to be replaced or recharged.

The next issue to check for is the valves. The Coleman 550 UTV has two valves, intake, and an exhaust. As the valves age, they may need to be adjusted or tightened which affects valve clearance. A misaligned valve may prevent the engine from running if it does not open and close properly.

It is also important to consider the spark plugs. If a spark plug is filled with fuel and oil, it may need to be replaced. Additionally, the tips of the spark plugs should be inspected to make sure they do not look burnt or corroded.

The Fix:

The first step is to check the battery voltage. Using a digital multimeter (DMM), make sure that the battery is providing at least 12 volts of power. If not, recharge the battery to provide adequate power.

Checking the valves is the next step. Make sure the valves are properly set with the correct clearance. If necessary, make adjustments and clean the valves.

In the end, inspect the spark plugs and replace them if needed. This should be done regularly as spark plugs can become dirty and worn over time, thus preventing the engine from starting.


4. Overheating Problem

The primary cause of overheating in a Coleman 550 UTV is usually due to one of three issues: a temperature sensor that’s not triggering the fan in time to prevent the engine from overheating, an air blockage in the cooling system, or a blown head gasket.

The first possible cause of the overheating issue in your Coleman 550 UTV is a faulty temperature sensor. If this is the case, the temperature sensor may not trigger the fan in time to prevent overheating, especially in hotter regions.

Another cause of excessive cooling is air blockage. Air can become trapped in the cooling system and can cause the engine to overheat. It’s important to make sure that your cooling system is well-maintained and clear of any airlock.

The Fix:

If you’ve determined that the temperature sensor is the cause of your overheating issue, the solution is to install a fan that opens without any temperature sensor. This fan will provide additional ventilation to the engine, allowing it to run cooler and reducing the risk of overheating.

To check for any air blockage in your Coleman 550 UTV’s cooling system, you should inspect the radiator, thermostat, and coolant hoses for any signs of corrosion or clogs. If any of these components appear to be damaged or clogged, you should replace them to ensure proper coolant flow.


5. Clutch Problem

The clutch inside the UTV is wet, consisting of two clutch shoes and a pressure plate. Too much use, especially in gears higher and at slow speeds, or for hauling heavier loads in higher gears, can result in this component failing.

Slipping clutches result in the engine revving faster than the vehicle is accelerating, because the clutch shoes are not engaging the pressure plate properly. As a result, jerky movements and acceleration can occur.

The Fix:

When it comes to the clutch in your Coleman 550 UTV, it is essential to use an oil approved for clutches that are wet instead of conventional oil. This is because regular motor oil can break down the wet clutch’s internal components, leading to excessive wear and eventual failure.

To ensure your clutch is working optimally, it is important to use the right type of oil. Wet clutch oil contains a higher viscosity and a higher additive package than regular motor oil. This helps to reduce heat buildup and provides better lubrication. Wet clutch oil also helps to reduce wear and tear on the clutch components by providing a better lubrication film.


6. Gear grinding or Sticking Problem

If you’re having trouble getting your Coleman 550 UTV to shift properly, you may be experiencing a gear grinding or sticking issue. This is likely due to an issue with your rotary shift linkage, and it could be caused by one or both of the bolts vibrating loose and resulting in the linkage shifting to an incorrect position.

The Fix:

If you suspect that your 550 UTV is having a gear slipping issue due to your turnbuckle shift linkage, it is important to repair it as soon as possible. To do this, you should:


  • Check the linkage for any worn or defective components.
  • Lubricate all components to ensure that they are adequately lubricated.
  • Tighten all nuts and bolts to the correct torque specifications.
  • To ensure the gear shift is correct, turn on the ignition switch and shift gears
  • Check the temperature of the engine and transmission to ensure they are not too high.

7. Fuel Pump Or Pump Relay Problem

Pump relays or fuel pumps can be a frustrating issue to deal with in your Coleman 550 UTV. If your UTV is having trouble with sluggish acceleration, rough idle, or the engine won’t start, the fuel pump may be to blame.

While it may be easy to assume that something else is wrong with your Coleman 550, like a clogged fuel line or a spark plug that needs to be replaced, the fuel pump is often the culprit. The fuel pump is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine, so when it is not working correctly, the engine will be unable to get the fuel it needs to run properly.

The Fix:

Check the relay for corrosion or other deterioration before trying to fix your fuel issue. You can do this by using a flashlight to check the area around the relay and its connections. If you see any signs of damage, you should replace the relay.

If the relay appears to be in good condition, but your fuel pump is still not working, then it might be a sign that it is damaged too much. In this case, you’ll need to replace the fuel pump.


Pros and Cons of Coleman 550 UTV:

  • At lower RPMs, it offers excellent acceleration
  • A full set of utilities is pre-installed on the UTV
  • Affordably marketed
  • Exceptionally durable and reliable
  • Each Coleman 550 UTV comes with a one-year warranty.
  • When pushed to higher revs, the UTV may jump off frequently
  • The balance between suspensions may take some time to measure
  • There may be variations in air pressure along the trail


Conclusion for Coleman 550 UTV Problems:

Overall, the Coleman 550 UTV has been a reliable and useful off-roading vehicle. Although some issues have been reported with the engine, transmission, and other components, most of these issues can be easily fixed or avoided. With the right maintenance and attention, the Coleman 550 UTV problems can be eliminated.


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